Linear Algebra

This past week, the Grade 12 linear algebra class has been studying lines and planes in both 2-D and 3-D spaces. Students have been learning different methods to help calculate points of intersection, from visualizing problems with dividers to using the Gaussian and Gauss-Jordan elimination methods for finding exact points.

Library Day

The grade 9 TOPS classes were given a tour by the school librarians of MGCI’s print and virtual resources. Students were introduced to archives, databases, and style guides to help them develop good research habits. The librarians even provided a selection of classics for the students to broaden their literary horizons!

The Odyssey

This week, Grade 9 English students continue to analyze the Ancient Greek epic poem, the Odyssey. As the story was originally presented orally, students began listening to clips of the story being read aloud. Today, they got the chance to get together in groups and read the story out loud to each other as a novel approach to studying this …

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Science Centre Trip

This week, the Grade 10 TOPS students went on a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre. They attended a Light and Optics workshop, which expanded on the material they are learning in class. The students were then allowed to tour the many exhibits that the centre had to offer, including “Sultans of Science: 1000 Years of Knowledge Rediscovered”, and …

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Algonquin Simulation

The grade 10s completed their first simulation to prepare for the much anticipated scientific expedition to Algonquin Park. By gathering data about the environment, they are able to have hands-on experience to learn how to properly conduct research.

Darwin’s Theory

This week, grade 11 Biology students learned about the thought process behind Darwin’s natural selection theory and the evolution theories that preceded it by watching videos and animations and engaging in group discussions. The investigation will end with a trip to the Toronto Zoo!