Grade 10 English

The grade 10 TOPS classes have wrapped up their study of Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet, and have begun to unravel The Romance of Tristan and Iseult. In the process, the students are learning more than ever before about medieval lifestyle and its many fascinating traditions.

Tech Design

This week, students in the TOPS Design course have started the Electrical Components unit of the course. Students are currently learning the basics of electronics, such as reading electrical schematics and soldering wires. These skills will come handy soon as students will be building Bumper-Bots in the near future…from scratch!

Evolution of Writing

In the Grade 12 English class, students have been reading short stories from authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Edgar Allan Poe, and Anton Chekhov. Students have discussed and reflected upon the different writing styles and devices, allowing them to analyze how writing has changed and evolved over time.

Grade 9 Chemistry

This week, grade 9 students experimented with different kinds of elements. Students tested the properties of metals, metalloids, and non-metals to gain better understanding of the different elemental families in the periodic table. Hands-on experiments are a fun way to reinforce theoretical lessons!

Grade 10 Bridge

Grade 10 students are continuing their weekly Bridge lessons, taught by Mr. Shapiro. After moving on from the basics of bidding, the classes are now focused on learning how to defend a contract. A welcome break from traditional math classes, students look forward to these lessons every week!

Grade 10 Computer Science

Grade 10 students are currently learning about software programming in Java. After mastering the basics of the language, they have worked on programs that display detailed images and execute various calculations, and are now in the process of developing interactive software!