Math Contests

School Life Photo - Nov 8

Many TOPS students pursue their interest in the maths outside of the academic curriculum by competing in various math contests throughout the year. This week, students from all grades tackled the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge: a long answer contest written in order to qualify for the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad.

Limiting Reagents

The grade 11 chemistry class learned about limiting reagents by comparing chemical products to banana splits. By observing how the products of a reaction are limited by the reagent that runs out first (like the bananas), students made their way through challenging chemistry problems—and of course, a perfectly balanced banana split.  

Hands-on Vegetation

The grade 9 geography class learned about vegetation by planting a variety of seeds in vermicompost and soil. The students will continue to study vermicomposting in the coming week through hands-on activities.

Challenging Chess


Many TOPS students are avid chess players and spend their Friday lunches playing the game in the chess club. Club members can also apply to join the chess team and play competitively. The chess team consistently plays well in tournaments, with the junior team placing first in their competition last year.

Marvelous Moles

Grade 11 Photo - Nov 1

The grade 11 chemistry class began their unit on moles. Students explored different concepts and equations through the completion of a mystery assignment where they used knowledge learned in class to identify different formulas, as well as through multiple in-class labs.