More Algonquin Analysis

The grade 10 science students have completed their culminating task in the form of a presentation on the data collected from Algonquin Park. Each group of four was responsible for choosing, researching and analyzing a specific topic regarding the environment of Algonquin. After condensing these findings, they presented their conclusions to the class.

Properties of Triangles

This week, the grade 9 math class continued their geometry unit on the properties of triangles. Students learned the process for proving congruence and similarity in triangles, and will be using this knowledge on the EQAO coming up next week.

Rat Dissections

Rat dissection

Grade 11 students participated in a rat dissection as their culminating activity. Students used the knowledge acquired during the course to scientifically explore the anatomy of a rat. Dissection activities include drawing diagrams of bodily systems and identifying organs.

Stress Relief

To prepare students for their upcoming exams, the MGCI Social Justice and Equity Committee and Mind Your Mind partnered to host a stress relief workshop. Activities included card games, board games, breathing exercises, stretching, and a discussion of stress relief techniques.