Euclid Math Contest

This Thursday, the MGCI Math Society hosted Waterloo’s Euclid contest: a math contest dedicated to Grade 12 students but open to all attending Grade 12 or under. Many TOPS students from multiple grades participated in the event to challenge their knowledge of math and problem solving skills.


The grade 12 Algebra and Geometry class started their adventure into vectors. Students learned about vectors, dot products, their properties, and the steps to check if two vectors are orthogonal. These new topics enhance their existing mathematics knowledge and will be applied in greater complexity in the following units.  

Antigone Analysis

The grade 11 English class is completing their study of Sophocles’ Antigone by studying Anne Carson’s adapted version, Antigonick. Students analyzed the illustrations and symbols within Antigonick during student-run 10-minute seminars. The presentations summarize and deepen the students’ understanding of Sophocles’ work.

Kickin’ It

On Wednesday, Marc Garneau C.I. held a tryout for the girls’ soccer team after school. Mr. Hillman directed the participants through various drills and skill tests to aid the selection process. With almost 30 girls out on the field, the tryout was intense, but also a lot of fun.