Biology Storybooks

Grade 11 Photo - Apr 4

The grade 11 TOPS class finished and presented their biology storybooks. For the past few weeks, students have been working on storybooks that explain a particular subject in biology such as viruses, bacteria, and protists. They then presented their storybooks to elementary school students at Thorncliffe Park Public School. T

Clubs Fair

clubs fair

Many TOPS students are members of various school clubs, such as DECA or Me to We. In the student council’s first Clubs Fair of the semester, students had the opportunity to advertise their clubs and fundraise by selling different types of foods, ranging from cotton candy to samosas.

HOSA Conference

School Life Photo - Mar 28

On March 27 and 28, TOPS students from all grades competed in HOSA Canada’s annual Spring Leadership Conference. Through a wide array of competitive health science events from Sports Medicine to Biomedical Debate, a total of 23 students placed top three in their events, qualifying them for the International Leadership Conference in Dallas this June.

Planting Investigation

Grade 11 Photo - Feb 28

The grade 11 biology class finished their studies on plants. To apply their knowledge, students began a research project focused on investigating a certain characteristic of plants and looking at factors that may affect it. Students will carry out experiments to analyse the chosen factor and present it in a formal lab report.

Budding Botany

Grade 11 Photo - Mar 28

The grade 11 biology class started their experiments on plant growth. After formulating a scientific objective pertaining to their recent unit on plants, students planted selected seeds and began to observe plant behaviour under certain conditions. Using control cases, they will investigate properties like photosynthesis and gravitropism.

Trick Taking Tacticians

Gr 9 Bridge

This week, the grade 9 math class continued learning about the intense and highly strategic card game of bridge. They learned bidding strategies and conventions, such as Stayman and Jacoby Transfers. After mastering these, students will move on to learn other tactics.