It’s Element-ary

The grade 11 chemistry class took on periodic trends through an assignment where they made everything from cake pop models to massive diagrams in order to creatively represent patterns that occur in the table. They have now moved on to their chemical bonding unit and are studying the nature of the molecules in further detail.

As Clear As Crystal

The grade 11 chemistry class kicked off their chemical bonding unit with a lab to grow copper sulphate pentahydrate crystals. Students learned about the geologic processes behind crystal formation and studied the particle arrangement of different types of ionic crystals. Students will continue to grow their crystals throughout the week.

Captivating Chemistry

This week, the grade 9 students learned about the structure of atoms and atomic theory. They studied different subatomic particles, including protons and neutrons, and looked at the factors that define the size and shape of an atom’s orbitals.

Math gets Complex

This week, the grade 12 linear algebra class learned about the properties and forms of complex numbers, as well as relevant theorems. After learning how to compute basic operations such as addition and multiplication, they studied how to graph complex numbers on the Argand plane.

“Et tu, Brute?”

This week, the grade 10 English class covered Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Students were tasked with choosing a scene from the play and manipulating the text to tell a more effective story. Performances of the new scripts, with rewritten and condensed plots, begin next Tuesday.

Break the Fake

For Media Literacy Week, the Grade 9 TOPS class traveled to the Bay Adelaide Center to participate in a “fake news” workshop held by MediaSmarts. They listened to a panel discussion by professional journalists, learned to verify the truth of online content, and discussed how teenagers can influence the media.