Identifying Ions

Grade 12 chemistry students completed a lab experiment that involved finding the ion composition of two unknown solutions. Students performed various qualitative tests on the solution, such as precipitate, flame, and ash tests. Using the results of these tests, they were able to determine the elements in the aqueous solution.

The Trashion Show

In the TOPS program, many students have chosen visual arts as an elective course. The Trashion Show is an annual event that encourages grade 11 visual arts students to use their creativity to design fashionable clothing using waste products. Furthermore, the annual show is done in partnership with MGCI EcoTeam to help promote sustainability.

A Focus on Optics

This week, the second grade 10 TOPS class began their optics unit with the study of images and magnification through optical devices such as a pinhole camera. Throughout the next few weeks, students will investigate various aspects of optics, including Snell’s Law of Refraction, converging and diverging lenses, and the Lens Maker’s equation.

Twelfth Night

The grade 9 English class saw the Classical Theatre Project’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, which featured Vaudeville style costumes and music from the 1920s. Afterward, they attended an acting workshop taught by Classical Theatre Project actors, where they learned the art of stage combat.