Vector Fundamentals


Mr. van Bemmel introduced vectors to his grade 11 physics class as part of the kinematics unit. With vector fundamentals, students can analyse motion in any dimension. As an extension, students will be performing the constant acceleration lab where they collect data on a vehicle travelling down an incline to derive the local gravity constant and the mass of the …

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Twinning for Spirit Week

twin day 3, 3x2

In support of student council’s ongoing Spirit Week, TOPS students dressed up for Twin Day. Spirit Week is a five-day event during which students show school spirit by dressing up to themes and playing games in the cafeteria at lunch. Other themes include Marvel/DC Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Disney Friday.

HOSA Conference

On Mar 1 and 2, TOPS students had the opportunity to compete in the annual HOSA SLC which is dedicated to competition in a variety of Health Science events. Our school was represented in an array of categories including that of knowledge, leadership, emergency preparedness, and teamwork/health professions.

The Story of Light

For their most recent physics unit, the grade 10 students delved into the study of light. This not only consisted of the discovery of light’s speed, but also its nature pertaining to wave properties. Furthermore, students studied the history of individuals who contributed significant findings, such as Galileo Galilei, Max Planck and Albert Einstein.