Big Ideas and Big Data

The grade 9 TOPS geography class ended their unit on big data by pitching an app of their creation. From mapping the school to finding free WiFi, the projects were both unique and creative. Their next unit will be on physical geography, where they will learn about Canada’s various landforms.

Club Fair @MGCI

This week, MGCI hosted its annual club fair. Students visited different booths to learn about the various clubs offered at the school. Some popular booths included Eco Team, GSA, Kardia, Key Club and the Reckoner, MGCI’s award winning newspaper.

Playing with Pendulums

The grade 12 AP physics students began their pendulum lab this week. They applied their knowledge of calculus concepts to investigate how the mass and length of a pendulum affect its period. Students will write a formal report to summarize their findings from the lab.

Relevant Related Rates

The grade 11 calculus class used their knowledge of derivatives to solve related rates problems. One of many real-world problems they examined was calculating the rate of change of the distance between two cars. Next, students will learn about other topics of differentiation, including local linear approximation and indeterminate forms.

Stories on the Wall

The grade 12 students in Ms. Scholl’s English class expressed themselves in short stories this week. Using the paper, writing tools, and snacks that were supplied, students wrote narratives about specific moments in their lives that will be suspended in time on the wall.

Experiments that Matter

The grade 11 chemistry class finished their study of chemical equations and moved on to their matter unit. They covered topics including the light spectrum and nuclear equations, and conducted several lab experiments. In upcoming lessons, they plan to further investigate the quantum regions of matter as well as periodic trends.