Gilgamesh’s Journey

The grade 9 English students have started their unit on The Epic of Gilgamesh. After studying their copies of the ancient story, students applied their knowledge of the plot to create timelines that described different plot points of the epic and their relations to the stages of Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”.

Microscopic Organisms

The grade 11 biology class studied micro-slide viewer strips of both harmful and helpful bacteria to start off their new unit on prokaryotes, viruses, and protists. They have also been applying their understanding of these microscopic organisms by reading newspaper articles on antibiotic resistance and looking at prepared slides of probiotic yogurt.

Permutations and Combinations

The grade 12 linear algebra class is learning about permutations and combinations. Students are practicing various application scenarios, such as the rearrangement of letters in a words and drawing poker hands. The unit leads into the study of polynomial and exponential generating functions, which are an application to the counting concepts learned.

Go Cougars!

Aside from academic endeavours, many TOPS students are also highly involved in sports teams both in and out of school. Some popular teams are the junior and senior girls’ volleyball teams, which are currently preparing for playoffs. The team usually practices twice a week and plays once a week.