High School Journalism

The Reckoner, the school newspaper of Marc Garneau C.I., is an outlet for student expression which showcases students’ skills in writing, illustration, photography, graphic design and coding. This year, The Reckoner has received a total of thirteen awards at the Toronto Star’s annual High School Journalism Awards. Winners attended an awards ceremony and luncheon at the Toronto Reference Library.

Cumulative Chemistry Labs

This week grade 12 students are completing their Chemistry summative projects. Given the choice between synthesizing a complex compound and determining the Vitamin C concentration of different juices, students must design and execute their own procedures.

Axioms and Theorems

The grade 9 math class started a new unit in geometry. They learned how to prove geometric theorems such as the parallel line theorem and the opposite angle theorem. Students utilized these theorems in homework questions designed to prepare them for their EQAO assessment at the end of the semester.

A Return on Investing

The grade 10 functions class returned to exponents and logarithms as a continuation to what they have learned in grade 9. Students reviewed topics including the time value of money, and learned how to solve various compound interest problems. In addition, they enhanced their skill set by graphing logarithmic functions and reviewing the relationship between logs and exponents.