Rat Dissections

Rat dissection

Grade 11 students participated in a rat dissection as their culminating activity. Students used the knowledge acquired during the course to scientifically explore the anatomy of a rat. Dissection activities include drawing diagrams of bodily systems and identifying organs.

Stress Relief

To prepare students for their upcoming exams, the MGCI Social Justice and Equity Committee and Mind Your Mind partnered to host a stress relief workshop. Activities included card games, board games, breathing exercises, stretching, and a discussion of stress relief techniques.  

High School Journalism

The Reckoner, the school newspaper of Marc Garneau C.I., is an outlet for student expression which showcases students’ skills in writing, illustration, photography, graphic design and coding. This year, The Reckoner has received a total of thirteen awards at the Toronto Star’s annual High School Journalism Awards. Winners attended an awards ceremony and luncheon at the Toronto Reference Library.

Cumulative Chemistry Labs

This week grade 12 students are completing their Chemistry summative projects. Given the choice between synthesizing a complex compound and determining the Vitamin C concentration of different juices, students must design and execute their own procedures.