Metabolic Processes

Grade 12 biology students began a new unit on metabolic processes. For their first lesson, the class studied glycolysis, one of the three stages in aerobic cellular respiration. Students were expected to complete readings on each step in the process as well as its purpose.

Rise Over Run

This week, the grade 9 math class began their unit on analytical geometry. During the first lecture, students learned how to calculate the distance between coordinate points as well as the slope of a line. These skills will be applied during their study of geometric shapes later in the unit.

Learning Trigonometry

The grade 10 students recently began their study of trigonometry. After reviewing the primary trigonometric ratios, students learned how to express angles in radians in addition to degrees. They will be assessed on their knowledge of special trigonometric ratios through dictation quizzes, which will prompt students to answer questions both quickly and accurately.

Badminton Regionals

This week, three TOPS students competed in the Toronto Regional Badminton tournament. Students competed against other schools in the district, vying for the chance to go to the city championships. All three students made it to the city championships and are excited to attend!