Romeo and Juliet


To conclude their unit on Shakespeare, the grade 10 English class watched a performance of Romeo and Juliet at Stratford and analyzed various aspects of the play. Students discussed how each character contributed to the play’s tragic events and outcome. The class also studied the themes, motifs, and symbols woven into the play.

Putting in Work

Grade 12 Photo - Nov 1

The grade 12 physics class has been studying work, energy, and momentum. Students learned about the different types of energy, collisions, and more, unifying concepts they have learned from previous units with new ones.

Vermicompost Creations


This week, the grade 9 geography class expanded their knowledge of climate, soil, and natural vegetation by learning about their interconnections. Students learned about how different climate regions directly affect the natural vegetation in Canada environment, and applied this knowledge to create vermicomposts.

Careers in the Sciences

week Oct 22 - 2

TOPS students are exposed to many opportunities, including talks from professionals in the field. This week, SciTalk, a club committed to exploring science fields students may pursue in the future, invited TOPS alumna Sophia Glisch to talk about her academic and business experiences. The club plans to invite more speakers and host more workshops throughout the year.

Captivating Circles


The grade 10 math class began their geometry unit. After reviewing formulas for the length and midpoint of a line segment, students went on to study circle geometry, investigating the equation of a circle as well as properties of tangents and chords, which they will be tested on this week.

Mind over Matter

The grade 11 chemistry class attended an interactive presentation on mental health and wellbeing at the Ontario Science Center. Using various experiments and dissections, the show discussed the growing pandemic of stress within teens, the biological effects of anxiety, and ended with a consolation lecture on methods to cope.