This week, we used problem-solving abilities to tackle 9 challenging problems in under 2 hours as part of the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CS/IMC). The contest presented us with questions involving concepts in various areas of mathematics, which required short and full answer solutions. Top-ranking students will be recognized in the weeks to come.

World War I Literature

Beautiful turns-of-phrase and vivid imagery pervade the WWI novel All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, which we are reading in our grade 10 English and History classes. On Tuesday, we wrote a literary analysis paragraph about the themes and morals of the story so far.

Time For A Solution

Little did we know that our study of moles in grade 11 chemistry would not end with the unit test. After an in-depth look at moles, we started a new unit on solutions. We will be looking into topics such as solubility, pH, and concentration, applying our knowledge about moles in the many solutions we have yet to find.


Suit? Check. Dress shoes? check. Every year, we compete at DECA regionals, a competition for students interested in business. We present case studies while acting as various business officials, such as sales associates or hotel managers. Many of us win medals and move on to compete at the provincial and even international level.

Map of Canada

Students in Ms. Scholl’s grade 12 English class learned about Canada’s Indigenous people and the struggles that they face by studying texts that describe the issues experienced by the Indigenous community. The class connected their studies to Canada’s geography through a giant map labelled with important Indigenous landmarks, routes and history.

Miraculous Microscopes

After two months of chemistry, the grade 9 science class is moving on to their biology unit. They were introduced to the microscope, a crucial instrument to studying the world of microorganisms. Students looked at various aspects of microscopes, including its parts, functions, history, and inventors.