Derivatives in Calculus

Grade 11 students have learned about the chain rule, the derivative of trigonometric functions and implicit functions. Now, by studying the differentiation of logarithmic equations, they are able to expand their spectrum of mathematical knowledge.

Country Heritage


This week, the grade 10 TOPS students went on a field trip to Country Heritage Farm in Milton. The grade 10’s experienced life as the pioneers did, learning about the ways of the pioneers, and observing a demonstration by Mr. van Bemmel on the wonders of sausage making!

Entrepreneurial Careers


This week, the Grade 9 Careers class debated their entrepreneurial ideas, with each student giving reasons why their product or service would be innovative and useful in the real world. The students are learning how to manage their own money, records, and life after high school.

Stratford Festival


TOPS students explored the wonderful world of literature and theatre in the city of Stratford, where all got the opportunity to experience the magic of Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, tap dance in Crazy For You, and soar through the magical world of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Substances Lab

In the grade 9 science class, students started their unit on chemistry. They were tasked with identifying substances such as sodium bicarbonate by noting key properties, including crystal form, colour, and behavior in acid.

Oedipus and Modern Media


This week, Grade 12 English students began analyzing Sophocles’ Oedipus the King for connections to contemporary media. After investigating how Oedipus has influenced literature, movies, and television, students presented their findings to the class. Topics ranged from The Simpsons to The Great Gatsby.