Betrayal vs. Love Collages

This week, the grade 10 English class presented their collages portraying betrayal, envy, love, or loss, all themes established within “The Romance of Tristan and Iseult” and the film, “Days of Heaven”, Students were evaluated on their analysis of the works, connections made between the two pieces, and their ability to convey their ideas to the general audience.

Halloween Doppelgangers

This Halloween, Grade 12’s put their love for physics and Mr. van Bemmel on display as they dressed up as their favourite AP Physics teacher. Sporting pocket protectors, trifocal glasses, white shirts and ties, they haunted the night with talk of space science.

Bumper Cars

The TOPS Technological Design students have been hard at work wiring and soldering bumper cars in an application of electrical circuit design. Their designs will be put to the test in a bumper car race.

Curve Sketching

Using their newly acquired knowledge of derivatives, the Grade 11 TOPS class is learning how to graph functions more accurately. This includes identifying characteristics such as values of relative maxima and minima, points of inflection, and concavity.

A Journey Through Time

The grade 10 students traveled back in time through ancient Europe within Mrs. White’s seminar, which discussed the beginnings of the English language. Students were enlightened by the origins of the language and how it was not “invented”, but derived from a variety of different cultures.

Careers Summatives

For the past 2 weeks, grade 9 careers students have been working on their summative project. From the Holland Hexagon to Multiple Intelligences, and their goals for their own career pathways, students must incorporate everything they’ve learned about themselves into a concise 15 minute presentation.