Colourful Chemistry!

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This week in the Grade 10 science class, students performed a lab in which they learned about the Law of Conservation of Mass. The budding chemists experimented with different chemicals to create brightly coloured liquids and precipitates, and dropped alka seltzer in water to inflate balloons.

Details in Biology


This week, grade eleven students rediscover cell theory as they delve into the details of biology. Before heading into more complex topics, students focus on the finer details by taking a look at cellular structure and behaviour on a molecular level.

Grade 11 Physics Lab 0


This week, the grade elevens begin data collection for Lab 0 of Mr. van Bemmel’s Physics course. By measuring wooden block and metal cylinders with different tools, students learn about working with uncertainty, reading error, and standard deviation.

Probability Experiments

probability experiments

In the Grade 12 Data Management class, students finished up their unit on combinations and have now moved on to probability. Through the use of cards, coins, and dice, they have been modelling different situations and calculating the experimental and theoretical probabilities. This useful skill has many real life applications, and will come in handy for any future experiments.

Bumper-bot Racing

bumper bot racing

This week, the technological design class culminated their Electronics unit with a Bumper-Bot race! Students meticulously soldered dozens of electronic components, and attaching motors and wheels to their own creatively inspired base. The bots ranged from chickens to tanks, and did not fail to entertain.

Space Exploration

space exploration

In Computer Science class, Grade 10s are blasting off into a new unit as they take on the challenge of simulating a rocket ship’s flight in space. Students are learning to import images and sounds, and use loops to make their creations come to life.