Grade 10 Chemistry

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This week, Grade 10 science students continued their chemistry unit, exploring synthetic, decomposition, displacement, and neutralization reactions. The class watched in amazement as clear, colourless liquids took on vibrant colours, and metal rusted before their eyes.

Greek Mythology

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Grade 9 English students use an interactive, engaging way to learn about Greek mythology – they create board games, and then play them to have fun and test their knowledge. The games are focused around the content of the myths, as well as the archetypes present in them.

Ancient Literature

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Grade 9 English students returned to school this week to take a second look at mythology through Joseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth”. The rest of the week will be devoted to reading and analyzing the Greek and Roman stories of the heroes and immortals of the past.

Grade 10 History

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This week, Grade 10 history students studied global developments during the 1930’s in the buildup to the Second World War. They prepared powerpoint presentations on major foreign countries, the failure of the League of Nations, and the impact of fascism on the world.

TED Talks


After a month of analyzing TED Talks, grade 11 English students are reflecting on what they had learned with a personal response. Students have participated in writing workshops, peer reviewed, and are now polishing up their pieces on a diverse range of intriguing topics.

Ticker Timer Experiment


Grade 11 Physics students applied their knowledge of rectilinear motion this week in an interactive lab where they measured and calculated the velocity and acceleration of a car model. They conducted the experiment with ticker timers, an apparatus used to measure time.