“The Great Gatsby”

The grade 10 English class indulged themselves in the classic “The Great Gatsby”- a story of love, death, wealth and betrayal. They explored the world through the eyes of the aristocrats from the early 1920’s as they prepared for an organized fish-bowl seminar on the novel.

Get Excited for Math!

This week, the grade 10 and 11 classes were visited by Mike Miniou from the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing to learn about real life applications in the field of mathematics. He discussed how an education in math can lead to careers in finance, medicine and computer science.

Exploring Organic Families

This week, the grade 11 TOPS students participated in a chemistry activity where they explored the different organic chemistry families. They were provided with clue cards depicting a variety of organic compounds and had the task of identifying reoccurring patterns in each organic family.


On November 24, AP Physics C  and Astronomy students visited UTIAS, the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. The students learned about the concepts behind aerodynamics, plane design, mathematical simulation techniques, solar wings, the university’s Soyuz-launched satellites, and biomimicry in a series of lectures from the university’s graduate-level researchers (some former TOPS students!). The researchers then introduced a dazzling …

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