Science Centre Trip

This week, the Grade 10 TOPS students went on a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre. They attended a Light and Optics workshop, which expanded on the material they are learning in class. The students were then allowed to tour the many exhibits that the centre had to offer, including “Sultans of Science: 1000 Years of Knowledge Rediscovered”, and …

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Algonquin Simulation

The grade 10s completed their first simulation to prepare for the much anticipated scientific expedition to Algonquin Park. By gathering data about the environment, they are able to have hands-on experience to learn how to properly conduct research.

Darwin’s Theory

This week, grade 11 Biology students learned about the thought process behind Darwin’s natural selection theory and the evolution theories that preceded it by watching videos and animations and engaging in group discussions. The investigation will end with a trip to the Toronto Zoo!

Linear Algebra Applications

This week in linear algebra, Grade 12 students have been looking at the laws of vector algebra. Not only did they learn how to prove the dot product formula, but they also discovered how the dot product is used in the organization of Amazon’s warehouses!

Algonquin Expedition Preparation

This week, Grade 10 TOPS students divided into their respective classes in preparation for the upcoming Algonquin trip. Each of the three groups will study Birds, Trees and Mammals, Probes or Imaging. The skills they acquire in these categories will help them prepare for their expedition.

Grade 10 Chemistry

This week, Grade 10 science students continued their chemistry unit, exploring synthetic, decomposition, displacement, and neutralization reactions. The class watched in amazement as clear, colourless liquids took on vibrant colours, and metal rusted before their eyes.