TOPS Entrance Exam

The TOPS Entrance Exam will be held at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute on Friday, November 13th. The exam will start at 9:00AM. Please arrive at 8:30AM for administrative purposes. For more information regarding the TOPS exam registration, please see the Admissions menu. Taking public transit, such as the TTC, as outlined below is highly recommended. Parking will be LIMITED at Marc …

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The Voice of a Storyteller

Students in the Grade 12 TOPS English classes have recently begun exploring how stories have a significant impact on their lives. They began the unit by reading an excerpt from Daniel Wallace’s Big Fish – a novel of “mythic proportions”.

Energetic Soup Cans

The AP Physics C class hit the ground running with a lab on the second day of school. Students rolled soup cans down ramps to analyze changes in potential and kinetic energies over time. With demanding labs and university applications looming, one question spun in their heads: “Can” they make it through the semester? When asked this, Mr. van Bemmel …

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Physics Summatives

After countless hours and sleepless nights, the grade 11 physics class kicked off the week with the very first physics summative presentations. Students prepared seminars on a physics-related topic of their choice. Topics ranged from the physics behind familiar sports such as tennis and curling to the mysteries of dark matter.

Mendelian Inheritance

Grade 11 biology students investigated Mendelian inheritance in corn and learned about genotype ratios for dominant and recessive genes. In this lab, students examined the corn sample’s phenotypes such as colour and texture in order to determine its genotype, and used a chi-squared distribution to test their results.

Grade 10 Mathematics

Upon the conclusion of the advanced functions curriculum, Grade 10 students have begun to learn chapter 0 of the calculus textbook. This will prepare them for the AP Calculus course taken in the first semester of Grade 11.