Curve Sketching

Using their newly acquired knowledge of derivatives, the Grade 11 TOPS class is learning how to graph functions more accurately. This includes identifying characteristics such as values of relative maxima and minima, points of inflection, and concavity.

A Journey Through Time

The grade 10 students traveled back in time through ancient Europe within Mrs. White’s seminar, which discussed the beginnings of the English language. Students were enlightened by the origins of the language and how it was not “invented”, but derived from a variety of different cultures.

Careers Summatives

For the past 2 weeks, grade 9 careers students have been working on their summative project. From the Holland Hexagon to Multiple Intelligences, and their goals for their own career pathways, students must incorporate everything they’ve learned about themselves into a concise 15 minute presentation.  

Grade 12 Physics

This week, Grade 12 students in Mrs. Patrascu’s class completed their centripetal force lab. With a timer and a rubber stopper attached to a string, students discovered the relationship between the centripetal force and period of a rotating object.

Traversing Romantic Ideals

This past week the Grade 10 English students discussed and analysed “The Art of Courtly Love” by Andreas Capellanus and “The Power of Myth” by Joseph Campbell as they explored the intriguing concepts of love that reflected the changing ideals of 12th Century society.

Molar Mass Labs

This week, grade 11 TOPS chemistry classes explored various properties of Copper (II) Sulfate including the relation between the mass and the number of moles in a compound. Coincidentally, this lab took place on October 23, also known as Mole Day!