Linear Algebra Applications


This week in linear algebra, Grade 12 students have been looking at the laws of vector algebra. Not only did they learn how to prove the dot product formula, but they also discovered how the dot product is used in the organization of Amazon’s warehouses!

Algonquin Expedition Preparation


This week, Grade 10 TOPS students divided into their respective classes in preparation for the upcoming Algonquin trip. Each of the three groups will study Birds, Trees and Mammals, Probes or Imaging. The skills they acquire in these categories will help them prepare for their expedition.

Grade 10 Chemistry

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This week, Grade 10 science students continued their chemistry unit, exploring synthetic, decomposition, displacement, and neutralization reactions. The class watched in amazement as clear, colourless liquids took on vibrant colours, and metal rusted before their eyes.

Greek Mythology

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Grade 9 English students use an interactive, engaging way to learn about Greek mythology – they create board games, and then play them to have fun and test their knowledge. The games are focused around the content of the myths, as well as the archetypes present in them.