King Lear at Stratford

This Thursday, the Grade 12 TOPS students revisited Stratford to watch a production of King Lear. Dark and dramatic, Shakespeare’s great tragedy moved the students with Colm Feore’s impeccable acting in a magnificent example of modern theatre.

Planting in Geography

This week in geography, the grade 9 TOPS students showed off their green thumb by planting! After finishing their chapter on ecozones, learning about sustainability, and getting to the root of the global warming issue, there was no better way to end the unit than by giving back to the planet.

Chemical Reactions

This week, the grade 11 TOPS classes observed the different types of chemical reactions being put into action through a series of labs. The labs included experiencing the bright light of burning magnesium with oxygen and the colourful reactions after adding different metals to ionic compounds.

Graphical User Interface Animations

This week, the grade 10 Computer Science class was introduced to looping structures in Java. After they experimented with the “while”, “for”, and “do while” looping mechanisms by completing various puzzles, the students implemented the concepts in basic Graphical User Interface animations.

C++ Programming

This week, students in the Grade 12 Robotics course worked on polishing their basic programming skills in C++, finishing off the unit with functions and arrays. They will soon begin to delve into the realm of hardware and begin wiring circuits.  

Derivatives in Calculus

Grade 11 students have learned about the chain rule, the derivative of trigonometric functions and implicit functions. Now, by studying the differentiation of logarithmic equations, they are able to expand their spectrum of mathematical knowledge.