Acid-Base Titration

Is it sulfuric acid or is it hydrochloric acid? Is it nitric acid or could it be acetic acid? This week in Grade 12 chemistry, each student was given an acid at random. By titrating the acid with a base until it was neutral, students were able to perform calculations to determine the molar mass of the unknown acid.

Reading Like Writers

Stories stand out to us when we read thought-provoking lines. This week in grade 11 English, we learned about the craft of writing with numerous short stories by looking at how dialogue, action, and more all influence how the story makes us feel as readers. To end the unit, we used what we learned to share our own short stories.

Growing Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how plants stay hydrated? After learning about different types of plant cells, our grade 11 biology class took a closer look at a leaf and the epidermis layer of an onion bulb under a microscope. We examined how onion cells were affected by plasmolysis, a process that causes cells to contract due to water loss.

Telling Stories

The art of telling stories has always played an intrinsic role in society, stirring up distinct feelings within us. We started our unit on short stories this week in grade 11 English class, working on crafting character and developing backstory. The unit will culminate with each of us writing our own short stories.

Captivating Set Theory

What do grouping toys by colour and numbers by parity have in common? Both are aspects of set theory, the first unit in our grade 9 math curriculum. This week, our math class had our first test on set theory where we used the various topics we studied such as cardinality and DeMorgan’s Laws to solve a variety of problems.

Balancing Equations

What’s the difference between a diet and chemical equations? They both need to be balanced! This week, the grade 10 tops chemistry class learned how to balance different chemical reactions. We conducted experiments involving combustion and competed to see who could classify reactions the fastest.