About Us

Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences, is a maths, sciences, and language arts enrichment program at Marc Garneau C.I. Founded in 1987, the TOPS program presents students with a unique educational environment that features a challenging curriculum which includes courses on AP Physics and AP Calculus, as well as enriched classes in Chemistry, Biology, and English. Typically, TOPS students also travel as a group to YMCA Camp Pinecrest, Algonquin Provincial Park, and the Stratford Festival, amongst others, forming a close-knit community of students that lasts beyond their high school journeys.

TOPS has produced and will continue to produce many outstanding graduates every year. Many TOPS graduates are admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in Canada and across the world. In these environments, TOPS students often excel as a result of their studies in high school. In addition to their post-secondary success, TOPS students are often the recipients of major scholarships such as the Loran Scholarship and National Scholarship at the University of Toronto. 

TOPS welcomes Torontonian students from all walks of life—applicants do not need to be gifted to apply; they must only meet the requirement of living in Toronto by the start of their grade 9 school year. TOPS students are highly motivated individuals with a broad range of interests. Students in the program are placed together for two-thirds of their classes over their 4 years of secondary education and benefit from being surrounded by other passionate and motivated individuals. The course work is enriched through a variety of means, depending on the areas of knowledge and interest of the instructor.