Admissions: 2022-2023 School Year


Updated December 12, 2021.

“Thank you for your interest in TOPS.  Our application window has now closed.  The TDSB has a number of excellent specialized math, science and technology programs that are still taking applications.  We encourage any student interested in pursuing such a program to consider application to these programs.


Specialized Program

Application Submission Date


SATEC @ WA Porter Cl


Jan 3, 2022

John Polanyi CI


Jan 15, 2022

Runnymede CI


Jan 28, 2022

Emery CI


Jan 28, 2022

TOPS Information

The TOPS Information Night has concluded. For the TOPS Information video, visit this link:

For a video on how to apply for the TOPS Program, visit this link:

For a slideshow containing answers to frequently asked questions and important dates, visit this link:

Student Profile

Student profile applications are now open.  Please refer to this link: The deadline to submit is November 23 at midnight.

Please don’t forget to click the submit button on the form in order to enable us to have access to your contact information to send you updates pertaining to the exam! You can submit your profile at any time and continue to edit it at your leisure until the deadline.

An email confirmation which confirms receipt of the TOPS Student Profile will be sent from by 3:00pm November 24th. It will be titled “TOPS Student Profile Received and Next Steps”.

This email will serve two purposes:

1. It verifies that your Student Profile was received

2. It will provide you with a sample document where you can practice navigation of some steps required to conduct the virtual exam.

For example: opening a demo of the google doc exam, adding responses to the google doc by typing them or taking pictures and uploading them into the document, and downloading the doc into the finalized pdf form once finished .

If you have NOT received an email titled “TOPS Student Profile Receieved and Next Steps” by 3:00pm on November 24th, please email us at .


The TOPS Entrance Exam will be held virtually on November 27. The math and science exam will be held from 12:00-2:00pm and the English exam will be from 3:00-5:00pm.

Applicants will receive acceptance or rejection emails around February.

By 6:00pm on Thursday November 25th, you will receive an email titled “Links to TOPS Math/Science and English Exams” .

This email will contain the INACTIVE links to the Math/Science and English exam AND a link to the google form you will use to submit the completed exams. The Math/Science exam link will become active at 11:55am on November 27th. The English exam link will become active at 2:55pm on November 27th.

*Please note that this mode of exam delivery has been changed from the original plan to provide inactive links on the website itself*

Once the exams are completed you will download them into pdfs and attach them to the google form link provided in the email. You will use the same google form link to upload each exam (more information to come in the email).

*IMPORTANT- This email contains the exams, therefore you must email us at to inform us if you have not received an email titled “Links to TOPS Match/Science and English Exams”  by 6:00pm on Thursday November 25th.