AP Physics 1

In Grade 12, students are offered a unique opportunity: AP Physics. The content covered in this course is usually only taught in university. This course is open to the entire school, but is composed largely of TOPS students.

Many TOPS students consider university study in the physical sciences or engineering fields. AP Physics, as it is taught in the TOPS program, allows a student the opportunity for advanced preparation through the curriculum and student-designed experiments. AP Physics is the natural extension of the grade 11 TOPS Physics class taught the previous spring. This introductory class covers some of the simpler AP concepts permitting greater enrichment in the AP course.

Here, it and other mathematical concepts are used to solve problems and generate models of physical processes. The student of AP Physics can expect to use 1st and 2nd differential equations, matrix algebra, and complex numbers. These study complex subject areas such as fluid dynamics, semiconductors, black-body radiation, and electric fields around a solenoid. They also require extensive student design, error management, and analysis culminating in the production of a professional-style paper.