Studying Equilibrium

The grade 12 chemistry students experimented with aqueous and varsol solutions. They examined equilibrium reactions by applying stresses to the solution and measuring the resulting distribution of liquids. The observations from this experiment were then explained using knowledge of Le Chatelier’s principle.

Primary Study

The grade 12 data management students began presenting their summative projects in class. Each student explored a thesis by conducting and analyzing a statistical study that they developed themselves, which required collecting primary data and creating charts and graphs. Afterwards, they displayed their findings the week before exams.

Pascal’s Triangle

The grade 12 data management students investigated Pascal’s triangle, the binomial theorem, and the multinomial theorem. They will apply these techniques to solve increasingly complicated problems in the coming weeks.


This week, the grade 12 AP physics and grade 11 astronomy students took a tour of University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. Students attended lectures by various professors on current developments and innovations concerning aircraft design, nano- and micro-satellites, fusion energy and systems modelling.