Magnificent Moles

This week the Grade 11 Chemistry students were introduced to moles, Avogadro’s Number, empirical and molecular formulas, and calculating percent composition by mass. Students applied their knowledge to a Copper 2 Sulfate Lab requiring the calculation of molar mass and ratio between elements in the compound.

Hypothetical Chemical Configurations

The Grade 11 Chemistry students were introduced to electron configurations and how to apply quantum numbers to determine the relative energies of different elements. To culminate the unit, students were tested on their knowledge through an interactive activity where they arranged hypothetical elements to create their own periodic tables, following the scientific principles and rules learned in class.

Fascinating Functions

This week, the Grade 10 Functions students began tackling their next major unit, graphing functions. Through interactive and engaging lessons, students learned to sketch exponential, semi-circle, basic logarithmic and polynomial functions, as well as calculating the domain and range of each form. Students look forward to applying their newly acquired knowledge when tackling trigonometric functions in the future.

Analysing Computer Careers

This past week the Grade 10 Computer Science students were required to explore a career directly or indirectly involving a background in computer software, computer engineering, or computer technology. Students interviewed workers in the career field and presented their findings to the class with careers ranging from software engineers to app developers.