Counting Cards

The grade 12 data management class began their combinations counting unit with card game questions. Students both created and answered questions regarding situations where order does not matter. Next week, they will be tested on their counting abilities with an in-class assignment and unit test before beginning a creative project that incorporates all counting principles.

Rolling Dice

The second-semester grade 12 data management students began their unit in constructing and interpreting visual displays of data. For their first assignment, they tallied the rolling of a single die and the sums of the rolling of two dice. Afterwards, they displayed the data for both scenarios using tables and graphs.  

Last Lab of the Year

On the last day of school before the winter holidays, the grade 12 AP Physics C students worked diligently in the lab from 12 pm to 5 pm on a challenging series of experiments related to quantum mechanics. These experiments were of their own design. They first were required to use diodes to obtain a value for Planck’s constant. Then given this …

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Girls’ Volleyball

TOPS students have always been active members of Marc Garneau’s sports teams. Currently, the girls’ volleyball season is going at full throttle, and TOPS students have been representing MGCI in TDSB’s tier 1 level competitions. This week, both the juniors and seniors had a game against North Toronto, and the juniors also participated in a tournament at Danforth Tech.