Enthralling Literature

This week, the grade 10 English students participated in a literature circle discussion. Students chose novels written by Canadian authors, such as Station Eleven, The Book of Negroes, and Lullabies for Little Criminals. They discussed topics like racial discrimination, the fragility of civilization, and Indigenous peoples’ issues.

pH Experiments

This week, the grade 10 science students continued to monitor their potential of hydrogen (pH) experiment. They planted radishes and watered each plant with different acidities to test the effects of acid rain on vegetation.

Creative Chemistry

This week, the grade 10 science class demonstrated the Conservation of Mass law through an enriching experiment. In partners, students designed procedures to ensure that the two reactants, cobalt (II) chloride and ammonium hydroxide, would be equal in mass after being combined. A formal lab report was written afterwards.

Spectacular Swimming

This week, students from MGCI’s swim team competed at the cities level. Events ranged from IM (individual medley) and freestyle to breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke. Students competed in either 50m or 100m events, with some qualifying for the provincial competition in Windsor.