Navigating Neutralization!

This week, the Grade 12 TOPS Chemistry class tackled titrations: learning about acid-base equilibrium, salt hydrolysis, buffer solutions, and more. Students performed multiple experimental trials using all sorts of indicators and substances such as THAM, otherwise known as C4H9O3NH2. Doing the labs definitely lifted everyone’s spirits: it was clear (like some titrated solutions) that no one was left feeling (bromothymol) …

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Identifying Ions

The grade 9 TOPS science class is back with another laboratory experiment. This time, they’re super sleuths testing for the presence of chloride, sulfate, and iron (III) ions. By combining unknown solutions with known ones, students can determine the identity of the mystery ion based on its reaction, or lack thereof. Will this solution stay clear, turn white, or turn …

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A Compound Collaboration!

From chlorophyll to codeine, the grade 10 TOPS science class presented their chemical compound research projects this week. As a departing ode to their organic chemistry unit, students calculated element mass percentages, identified functional groups, and further explored chemical and physical properties of crucial compounds. (Author: Eileen K.) 

Grade 8 Info Night

If you are interested in applying to TOPS and wish to learn more about the program, join us for our grade 8 info night, taking place virtually on Monday November 7th, 2022, from 7 – 9PM, on Zoom. The zoom link is We hope to see you there and are excited to welcome you to the TOPS community!