Theorizing Theses

What is the relationship between the amount of data homework and grade 12 TOPS students’ lack of sleep? In our data management class, we learned how to develop theses and create statistical questions from mind maps. This will be applied to our summative project, where we will formulate theses backed up with data and analysis.

A Shocking Lab

It’s time for another lab! We started our 4th lab on AC current and electromagnetism for grade 12 AP physics this week. As part of the lab, we have to construct circuits and analyze data collected by voltmeters and oscilloscopes. We will write a six-page lab paper based on our findings from this data.

Map of Canada

Students in Ms. Scholl’s grade 12 English class learned about Canada’s Indigenous people and the struggles that they face by studying texts that describe the issues experienced by the Indigenous community. The class connected their studies to Canada’s geography through a giant map labelled with important Indigenous landmarks, routes and history.

MGCI Chess Club

One of the many clubs at Marc Garneau is Chess Club, which meets at lunch on Thursdays. Chess Club is a place for students to test their skills against friends, improve their tactics, and maybe even stand out enough to qualify for the Chess Team.