DNA Fingerprinting Lab

This week the grade 12 TOPS Biology class performed a DNA Fingerprinting lab at the Ontario Science Center. Students extracted DNA from their cheek cells and amplified the D1S80 locus of their genome using Polymerase Chain Reaction. Students were then able to analyze their DNA using gel electrophoresis.

Liver Lab!

This week, students in the Grade 12 Biology class experimented with catalase, an enzyme in the liver responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide. Students observed the effects of pH and temperature on liver cells and catalase activity. Their hard work de-livered excellent results.

Creating Crystals in Chemistry

This week, grade 11 TOPS chemistry students analyzed the three degrees of saturation when a solute is dissolved in a given amount of solvent. Students were delighted to watch the crystal formation after small particles of sodium thiosulfate were added to a supersaturated solution.

AP Physics C

Grade 12 AP Physics students have begun their study of electricity and magnetism. Students begin this unit with a lab, which involves analysis of circuits using Kirchoff’s laws. This lab also serves as an introduction to AC circuit analysis and the function of an oscilloscope.