Vector Theory

In their second-last week of high school the grade 12 students began their final unit on vector theory. The students learned about vector spaces and eigenvalues, concepts that will become very important as students transition into higher education.

Chicago Trip

For their final trip of the year, grade 12 students visited Chicago for five days. The itinerary included visitations to the Art Institute of Chicago and Wrigley’s Stadium. Students also participated in numerous architectural tours of the city and visited homes designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Ball Hockey Tournament

Marc Garneau’s Student Activity Council held their annual Ball Hockey Tournament. For two days after school, teams played each other in fierce five-on-five matches. The winning team, Team HMVB, consisted of a number of TOPS students and (the legendary) Mr. van Bemmel as their goalie.

Soup Can Analysis

The grade 12 AP Physics student began their first laboratory assignment this week. Using equipment such as LabQuests, MATLAB, and video cameras, the students are analyzing the movement of the fluids inside the cans (without being able to look inside!) and the characteristic behaviour of consommé and broth soups.