Exploring Logarithms

This week the grade 9 TOPS students studied the relationships between logarithmic and exponential equations, enhancing their knowledge of the subject. Students learned how to accurately simplify complex problems and were walked through examples in class.

English Discussions

This week the grade 9 TOPS students explored deeper meanings behind the Epic of Gilgamesh. Students got a chance to share their opinions on heroism, infinite life, and many other topics during several class discussions.

Humanitarian issues

This week, the grade 9 civics students started a new unit on global issues and human rights. From understanding the United Nations to discussions on Syrian refugees, this unit provides an opportunity for students to develop a perspective on issues pertaining to the global community.

Touring Toronto

This week, the grade 9 students took a trip downtown to explore the history and developments of different regions in Toronto. The students toured the Evergreen Brickworks and explored the St Lawrence market, experiencing first hand the culture of this city.