Explosive Chemistry

Grade 12 chemistry students chose a topic pertaining to chemistry, and designed and carried out their own experiments. They then shared their knowledge with the class in a presentation. The projects ranged widely, including testing the effects of hydrogen peroxide on hair, electroplating coins, and studying miniature fireworks to create an explosive presentation.


After opening up the genetic code and studying the molecular basis of life, Grade 12 biology students are moving to a more macroscopic view of the human body. They are currently regulating their time by studying hormones and how they maintain homeostasis in the body.

Discovering DNA

Grade 12 students extracted some fun out of a hands-on DNA experiment in Biology class. They treated pieces of banana with hot water and alcohol, and were eventually able to see the pieces of DNA that drive our bodies’ processes.  

Searching for Bias in Data

Grade 12 Data Management students are learning about the different types of biases that arise in the data collection process. They analyzed leading questions, which can influence the responses. This information is all very applicable to future studies, right?