Packed for Pinecrest

In September, the grade 9 students packed their bags and headed on an excursion to YMCA Camp Pinecrest. Accompanied a group of senior students, the class spent four days engaging in numerous team-building activities, including canoeing, archery, and many more traditions of the TOPS program.

Algonquin Training

The grade 10 science class began preparing for the annual Algonquin Park expedition. Students were given a general itinerary for the trip as well as details on training and other related assignments. TOPS teacher and Algonquin expedition leader, Mr. v​an Bemmel, also introduced this year’s senior team, who will be assisting with the final expedition in May.

Sleep Day for SCAW

Many TOPS students are involved with Key Club International, the oldest and largest service program for high school students. This week, MGCI’s Key Club chapter hosted Sleep Day to raise money for SCAW, a charity that provides bed kits for children in 34 countries. Students wore pyjamas to show their support and collected donations for the organization.

The Roaring Twenties

This week, the grade 10 history class began their unit on the 1920s. Having studied World War I, students examined the war’s influence on the culture of the ensuing decade. They were also introduced to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to further explore the customs of the illustrious Roaring Twenties.