Factoring Factories

This week, the grade 9 students began an “Extreme Factoring Week,” during which they were given the awesome task of completing 350 math problems in four days. Questions consisted of factoring trinomial expressions. Some students took the initiative and finished early, boasting record times of three or even two days: “I could factor in my sleep!” they announced proudly.

A Cat and Maus Game

This week in English, the Grade 9 students analyzed and discussed the content of Maus, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman about the real-life experiences of Polish Holocaust victims. To further deepen their knowledge, they split into “expert groups,” with each group focusing on a different aspect of the story.

Write to Me, Muse…

This week in English, the Grade 9 students practiced writing essays concisely and effectively using organizational strategies. They will be using these new found skills in an essay analyzing various themes covered in Homer’s The Odyssey.

Greek Gaming

In English this week, the Grade 9 TOPS students delved deeper into the world of Greek Mythology, working in groups to develop interactive games that would engage the the class. These games were used by the students to both entertain and teach them about Greek myths.