Majestic Mythology

This week, the grade 9 students started working on their final projects for English. Students were required to choose a myth and create an engaging oral presentation retelling it. As an extension to the project, the students will each be writing a paragraph about how the myth relates to their own lives.

Calculator Craziness

This week, the grade 9 students continued their unit on analytical geometry with the use of graphing calculators. They were taught operations such as finding the equation of a line and calculating linear regression. As an enjoyable concluding activity, students were taught how to draw figures, such as flowers and butterflies, on their calculators.

Mathematical Applications

This week, the grade 9 TOPS students were introduced to logarithms, applying their knowledge of the subject in complex investment problems. The students were also taught how to solve these problems with the use of a table of values on Microsoft Excel.

The Mysteries of Mythology

This week, the grade 9 TOPS students began exploring the world of mythology. They looked at sections of Edith Hamilton’s ‘Mythology’, and watched an intriguing documentary on Roman, Norse and Greek mythology. Later this week, students will be working in groups to a create an informative game displaying a section from the class text.