Presenting Data Studies

Grade 12 Students in Data Management gave 12-minute presentations on their summative projects. Each student performed a study on a topic of their choice. Students developed a thesis question, conducted surveys and/or experiments to collect data, and extensively analyzed the results. Students were able to integrate knowledge learned from the course, applying probability to their data and presenting their findings …

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DNA Fingerprinting

This week in Biology, the Grade 12 students visited the Ontario Science Centre for an all-day DNA Fingerprinting lab. Through the processes of Polymerase Chain Reactions and gel electrophoresis, students extracted, examined, and analyzed their own DNA. Students also received hands-on experience using special equipment such as micropipettes.

Sets and Subsets

This week in Data Management, Grade 12 students divided into groups and raced against time to solve interesting problems on sets and subsets. Through this challenging yet fun class activity, students learned the principle of inclusion and exclusion as part of the permutations and combinations unit.

Enzymes in Chemical Reactions

Grade 12 Biology students performed an experiment to investigate the role of enzymes in chemical reactions. Using animal and plant tissues, students were able to observe the catalase enzyme in reaction with hydrogen peroxide. This experiment enriched their knowledge about factors that affect enzyme activity such as temperature and substrate concentration.