HOSA Exam Day

Do you want to challenge yourself in the health sciences? At TOPS, we certainly do! Over 70 students take part in HOSA, an international competition in the health sciences. We compete in events ranging from emergency medical care to forensics, and write practice exams every month.

It’s Ex-CELL-ent

The human body is a truly miraculous machine, with all sorts of different cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems that work hard together to keep us alive. Our grade 9 science class is really excited, since we’re learning about this in our biology unit. We examined magnified cells from the musculoskeletal system, such as bone, different muscles, ligaments, and blood.

Miraculous Microscopes

After two months of chemistry, the grade 9 science class is moving on to their biology unit. They were introduced to the microscope, a crucial instrument to studying the world of microorganisms. Students looked at various aspects of microscopes, including its parts, functions, history, and inventors.

Break the Fake

For Media Literacy Week, the Grade 9 TOPS class traveled to the Bay Adelaide Center to participate in a “fake news” workshop held by MediaSmarts. They listened to a panel discussion by professional journalists, learned to verify the truth of online content, and discussed how teenagers can influence the media.