Metabolic Processes

Grade 12 biology students began a new unit on metabolic processes. For their first lesson, the class studied glycolysis, one of the three stages in aerobic cellular respiration. Students were expected to complete readings on each step in the process as well as its purpose.

Powering Through Biology

Grade 12 biology students learned about mitochondrial replacement therapy during their weekly Hot Topics Presentation, in which groups of students summarize and explain a recent scientific article. After learning about mitochondrial replacement therapy’s procedure and risks, the class participated in activities where they simulated the replacement process.

Permutations and Combinations

The grade 12 linear algebra class is learning about permutations and combinations. Students are practicing various application scenarios, such as the rearrangement of letters in a words and drawing poker hands. The unit leads into the study of polynomial and exponential generating functions, which are an application to the counting concepts learned.

Shakespearean Tragedy

For their unit on Shakespeare, grade 12 English students were given the choice of studying either Hamlet or King Lear. In both classes, students participate in daily class discussions pertaining to specific lines and themes within the play. To enhance their understanding, the class relates what they have read to various film adaptations and modern concepts, such as the Oedipus …

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