Nirujah Sutharsan

Hi, I'm Nirujah and I'm a grade 11 TOPS student at MGCI this year !!

The Perfect Relationship

Have you ever wanted to find the rate of change for a raindrop which has fallen into a puddle? Well, neither did we, but this week Ms. Chan’s AP Calculus class looked into the wonderful world of related rates! Related rates are math problems which involve at least two variables that change at the same time. Students solved various world …

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Strawberry Dreams

Can we see DNA with the naked eye? This week Ms. Hermanovsky’s Biology class conducted their genetics lab! Students were given strawberries to extract DNA from. They pulverized the strawberries, added a salt + dish soap solution to break down the cell wall and cell membrane, and added ice-cold alcohol to form a precipitate to make the DNA visible. There …

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Slime or Slime moulds??

This week students from Ms. Hermanovsky’s grade 11 biology class were getting ready for their first unit test, which was about the biodiversity of living things. As a means of preparation, students were chosen randomly to explain various life cycles from Basidiomycota (A.K.A mushrooms!) to plasmodial slime moulds, which unfortunately don’t look like real slime.

Lifelong Learner

Despite the limited time this week, Ms. Hermanovksy’s grade 11 TOPS biology class had the opportunity to focus on their “Lifelong Learner” presentations. Every week, two students present a topic of their choice relating to biology to help promote lifelong learning. This week’s presentations ranged from the future of xenobots to the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi!