Logarithms are Exponents!

This week, the grade 10 TOPS students were re-introduced to logarithms and exponents. This unit will comprise of graphing exponential and logarithmic functions, solving log equations with base a and base e, and completing word problems to determine compound interest, half life, and doubling time. Students were also taught a quick trick to remember that logs are simply exponents by …

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Training at Hilton Falls Conservation Area

This week, the grade 10 TOPS students began training for their upcoming science expedition to Algonquin Park! Students assembled at the Hilton Falls Conservation Area to embark upon an approximate 22 km hike. Over the duration of this hike, students conducted experiments at various sample stations, testing for albedo levels, water conductivity, turbidity, flow rate, B-field, air temperature etc. Simulations …

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A Blast from the Past

This week, the grade 10 TOPS students concluded their third unit in history with PowerPoint presentations, summarizing the political developments for one of several European countries. Each group was to trace the developments of their chosen country post WWI up to WWII with particular emphasis on the fascist governments of the 1930s.

Solving Exponential Equations

This week, the grade 10 TOPS students neared the end of their first unit in the grade 11 math course as they learned how to solve exponential equations using comparison along with interpreting a table of values in order to identify the original rational expression. Furthermore, students were also introduced to a neat logarithm trick used to solve exponential equations!