Creative Chemistry

This week, the twelfth grade chemistry students began conducting their summative experiments. Projects range from the chemistry of baking, to hair dyeing procedures, to the chemical composition of fireworks. They will be required to submit a research paper along with an engaging educational video of each demonstration.

Learning in New Dimensions

This week, the twelfth grade Linear Algebra students finished their unit on the nuances of complex number manipulation. Next, they will be diving headfirst into their study of vectors and spaces, trying to wrap their heads around vectors in multiple dimensions.

Multinomial Madness

This week, the Grade 12 Linear Algebra students finished their first unit on the binomial and multinomial theorems. Soon, they will begin to explore the world of counting problems- including permutations and combinations- and generating functions.

Fans of AP Physics

After months of hard work, the AP Physics students finished building wind tunnels for their culminating projects. Graphical interfaces, lift and drag sensors, wired displays, turbulence control mechanisms, and two- and three-dimensional airfoils demonstrated the full extent of each tunnel’s abilities.