Stratford Festival

This week, the TOPS students attended the annual overnight trip to Stratford, Ontario for the viewing of various theatrical productions offered by the Stratford Festival. The four grades collectively watched the musical “Guys and Dolls” while other productions including “Romeo and Juliet”, “The School for Scandal”, “Twelfth Night”, and “HMS Pinafore” were viewed by particular grades only.

Pine Crest Adventures

Last week, the new grade 9 TOPS students bonded through four days of camp activities at YMCA Camp Pine Crest. The annual trip aims to connect the students with their peers and the senior TOPS students who attended the trip alongside them. Students participated in various activities including swimming, archery, high and low ropes, and an introductory topology lecture.

Chemistry Labs

The grade 11 chemistry class investigated various chemical elements and their properties through observations of chemical reactions. One lab experiment allowed students to analyze the reactivity of different metals based on displacement reactions. Familiarized with lab procedures and chemical nomenclature, students are ready to tackle upcoming labs and concepts in chemistry.

Heroic Happenings

This week, the grade 9 students experienced their own “Call to Adventure” through learning about the Hero’s Journey in English. The class developed an understanding about the basic structure of a story and its ability to relate to its readers, as the formula resembles a cycle of life.