Analyzing Animal Skulls

This week, the Grade 11 TOPS students applied their knowledge on the characteristics of different organisms in an activity they completed in biology. They were given many different types of animal skulls to analyze and identify. With the help of the information sheet that they were provided with, the students analyzed features of each skull such as the nasal cavity, …

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Studying Sophocles’ “Antigone”

This week the Grade 11 TOPS class began studying the Sophocles’ play “Antigone”. They were introduced to common attributes of Greek tragedies and examined the conflicts that were present throughout the beginning of the play. Before they started reading the play, they also familiarized themselves with Greek myths, especially those which surrounded King Oedipus and his family.

Personal Narrative Writing

Shortly after starting semester two, the Grade 11 TOPS students wrote a short piece for their English course based off a TEDTalk that they watched. They drafted a countless number of rough copies before coming up with personal narratives that conveyed emotions of loss by “showing not telling.”

Exploring Organic Families

This week, the grade 11 TOPS students participated in a chemistry activity where they explored the different organic chemistry families. They were provided with clue cards depicting a variety of organic compounds and had the task of identifying reoccurring patterns in each organic family.