Captivating Set Theory

What do grouping toys by colour and numbers by parity have in common? Both are aspects of set theory, the first unit in our grade 9 math curriculum. This week, our math class had our first test on set theory where we used the various topics we studied such as cardinality and DeMorgan’s Laws to solve a variety of problems.

Captivating Chemistry

This week, the grade 9 students learned about the structure of atoms and atomic theory. They studied different subatomic particles, including protons and neutrons, and looked at the factors that define the size and shape of an atom’s orbitals.

Club Fair @MGCI

This week, MGCI hosted its annual club fair. Students visited different booths to learn about the various clubs offered at the school. Some popular booths included Eco Team, GSA, Kardia, Key Club and the Reckoner, MGCI’s award winning newspaper.