Short Story Seminars

This week, Grade 12 English classes began their student-led seminars on short stories from the 19th and 20th centuries. Students examined short stories ranging from Pushkin’s “The Queen of Spades” to Atwood’s “Death by Landscape” and guided their peers through them with lively, interactive presentations and formal discussions.

Oedipus and Modern Media

This week, Grade 12 English students began analyzing Sophocles’ Oedipus the King for connections to contemporary media. After investigating how Oedipus has influenced literature, movies, and television, students presented their findings to the class. Topics ranged from The Simpsons to The Great Gatsby.  

Physics Summatives

After countless hours and sleepless nights, the grade 11 physics class kicked off the week with the very first physics summative presentations. Students prepared seminars on a physics-related topic of their choice. Topics ranged from the physics behind familiar sports such as tennis and curling to the mysteries of dark matter.

Mendelian Inheritance

Grade 11 biology students investigated Mendelian inheritance in corn and learned about genotype ratios for dominant and recessive genes. In this lab, students examined the corn sample’s phenotypes such as colour and texture in order to determine its genotype, and used a chi-squared distribution to test their results.