Formal Physics

Why didn’t that grade 11 physics student reply to you, you ask? Well, chances are, they were too busy fretting over their first formal lab report. After pondering the procedure and painstakingly measuring the position of a cart in motion over time, they had to piece the data together, navigating the foreign glades of formatting guidelines. They came out of …

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Lifelong Learner

Despite the limited time this week, Ms. Hermanovksy’s grade 11 TOPS biology class had the opportunity to focus on their “Lifelong Learner” presentations. Every week, two students present a topic of their choice relating to biology to help promote lifelong learning. This week’s presentations ranged from the future of xenobots to the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi! 

All About Viruses!

Are viruses dead or alive? How exactly do the different COVID-19 vaccinations work? This week, the grade 11 TOPS Biology Class delved deep into their viruses unit, where they learned about the life cycle of a virus, the importance of vaccination, and the various structural adaptations these particles have made in order to survive. And the end of the unit, …

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Making Rainbows

It wasn’t raining that day, but in the TOPS 11 Chemistry class last week, there were rainbow sightings within graduated cylinders. Applying the concepts that they had learned during the solutions unit, they used sugar solutions at varying densities to create a rainbow made of stacked liquids. Following this colourful conclusion, they started their unit on gases, learning about principles such …

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