This week, the grade 11 students began their physics course by studying uncertainty rules, which they are to use in all of their labs and assignments. In order to test their knowledge, they are to work with partners to complete a Computations with Uncertainty assignment.

Winter Pinecrest

Last week, the grade 11 students went to Winter Pine Crest. After a stressful semester, students were treated to a week at the camp, where they participated in activities such as high ropes, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Students also built their own toboggans and snow structures, called quinzhees, that they could sleep in.

Chemistry Summative

This week, the grade 11 chemistry students completed their summative lab experiments. They applied their knowledge of moles, solutions, and gases, and used stoichiometry to determine the number of moles and volumes of substances produced in a reaction.

Precipitate Lab

This week, the grade 11 chemistry students started their Stoichiometry unit with a lab. They mixed 5mL each of 1M Lead (II) Nitrate and Potassium Iodide, and then filtered their solution. This caused a precipitate to form, whose mass was measured to determine the percent yield of the experiment.