Creating Card Games

This week, the grade 11 computer science class is finishing their card games. Students applied concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and overloading. In groups, they will have to create a game with graphics, and a working artificial intelligence. The programs will be presented at the end of the week.

Gases 101

This week, the grade 11 chemistry students used the ideal gas law and various other formulas to complete a dry lab analysis. The students learned about the properties of gases by using the relationship between temperature, pressure and volume.

Applications of Derivatives

This week, the Grade 11 calculus students started their unit on the applications of derivatives. They learned how to determine maximum and minimum values a function on a given interval, which they will use to solve word problems later this week.

Solubility Curves

This week, the Grade 11 students started their solutions unit in their chemistry course. They began with a lab, investigating the solubility curve of Potassium Nitrate. Using this data, students learned about the solubility rates of solids at different temperatures.