Chemistry Skits

This week, the grade 11 chemistry students continued to explore the concept of moles. The students applied their knowledge to determine the identity of an unknown substance, given information on the mass of the compounds. The students will be presenting a short skit on the procedures they took to determine the mystery substance.

Magnificent Moles

This week the Grade 11 Chemistry students were introduced to moles, Avogadro’s Number, empirical and molecular formulas, and calculating percent composition by mass. Students applied their knowledge to a Copper 2 Sulfate Lab requiring the calculation of molar mass and ratio between elements in the compound.

Intermolecular Forces

This week, the Grade 11 chemistry students learned how intermolecular forces affect the boiling point of different molecules. Through an experiment, they investigated the relations between relative rate of evaporation, relative surface tension and relative intermolecular strength of ethanol, water and acetone.

Chemical Bonding

This week, the Grade 11 Chemistry students are building covalent molecules to help visualize bonds between different atoms. They are able to determine the shape of the molecule and whether it has a single or double bond.