Chemical Bonding

This week, the Grade 11 Chemistry students are building covalent molecules to help visualize bonds between different atoms. They are able to determine the shape of the molecule and whether it has a single or double bond.

Derivatives 101

This week, the Grade 11 TOPS students studied the fundamental concept of the derivative in calculus. By completing an investigation on the equation of the slope of various functions, they learned the basic steps to finding a derivative.

Hypothetical Chemical Configurations

The Grade 11 Chemistry students were introduced to electron configurations and how to apply quantum numbers to determine the relative energies of different elements. To culminate the unit, students were tested on their knowledge through an interactive activity where they arranged hypothetical elements to create their own periodic tables, following the scientific principles and rules learned in class.

Colourful Flames

The Grade 11 chemistry students learned a unique technique to identify unknown compounds this week. Students burned small amounts of these chemicals and observed brilliant colour changes in the flame, which they then used to determine the ion content of each chemical.