Navigating Neutralization!

This week, the Grade 12 TOPS Chemistry class tackled titrations: learning about acid-base equilibrium, salt hydrolysis, buffer solutions, and more. Students performed multiple experimental trials using all sorts of indicators and substances such as THAM, otherwise known as C4H9O3NH2. Doing the labs definitely lifted everyone’s spirits: it was clear (like some titrated solutions) that no one was left feeling (bromothymol) …

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Better Rate Than Never!

Rate this fit out of 10! This week, the TOPS Grade 12 Chemistry class conducted experiments to determine the rate of reaction of potassium iodate and sodium bisulfite + starch. They combined the two chemicals, timed the reaction, and watched as a clear water-like solution turned black nearly instantaneously. Kind of like the movie Venom, if Venom was (C6H10O5)n and …

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Blowing Bubbles

This week, the Grade 12 TOPS Biology class wrapped up their unit on macromolecules and continued their study of cell structures and enzymes with a fun bubble lab. By using string, straws and a soap-glycerin solution, they were able to blow bubbles of different sizes and understand how different structural changes affect cell membranes.