Writing Like Shakespeare

Observing and analyzing influential, old literature is a great way to step back in time and apply new knowledge. This week, the Grade 9 English class has been tasked with creating a script and screenplay for a “missing” scene that would improve viewers’ comprehension of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play. Groups will need to identify plot holes, underdeveloped characters, and unanswered …

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Making Rainbows

It wasn’t raining that day, but in the TOPS 11 Chemistry class last week, there were rainbow sightings within graduated cylinders. Applying the concepts that they had learned during the solutions unit, they used sugar solutions at varying densities to create a rainbow made of stacked liquids. Following this colourful conclusion, they started their unit on gases, learning about principles such …

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Ramping Up

This week, the Grade 12 AP Physics class tested the laws of rotational motion by designing their own experiments. By using various moments of inertia, they had the opportunity to test various circular objects and create ramps of different sizes, all to test if their findings are in accordance with their derived formulas.

Copper Plating

This week, the grade 12 chemistry class performed a lab representing the process of electroplating. A process to protect metals with an exterior coating, on a smaller scale, the grade 12 class had the opportunity to coat their small metal trinkets in a bright pink copper.