Create ‘n’ Titrate

Fact: TOPS kids love science. Every Friday, the biology and chemistry club meets to try new and interesting experiments in the science lab. This week, we combined sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, and an indicator to create some colourful titrations. We also found out the winners of the crystal-making competition.

HOSA Exam Day

Do you want to challenge yourself in the health sciences? At TOPS, we certainly do! Over 70 students take part in HOSA, an international competition in the health sciences. We compete in events ranging from emergency medical care to forensics, and write practice exams every month.


This week, we used problem-solving abilities to tackle 9 challenging problems in under 2 hours as part of the Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CS/IMC). The contest presented us with questions involving concepts in various areas of mathematics, which required short and full answer solutions. Top-ranking students will be recognized in the weeks to come.


Suit? Check. Dress shoes? check. Every year, we compete at DECA regionals, a competition for students interested in business. We present case studies while acting as various business officials, such as sales associates or hotel managers. Many of us win medals and move on to compete at the provincial and even international level.