On November 24, AP Physics C  and Astronomy students visited UTIAS, the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. The students learned about the concepts behind aerodynamics, plane design, mathematical simulation techniques, solar wings, the university’s Soyuz-launched satellites, and biomimicry in a series of lectures from the university’s graduate-level researchers (some former TOPS students!). The researchers then introduced a dazzling …

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According to What?

Grade 12 English classes had an opportunity to explore the work of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei with a visit to his “According to What?” exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Ai’s messages of social change through his conceptual art inspired many of our seniors, leaving them with much to ponder over.

TOPS Info Night 2013

TOPS Information Night brought upwards of fifteen hundred attendees to Marc Garneau for an evening’s presentation on the overview of the TOPS program. Visitors had the opportunity to inquire about the various aspects of TOPS and what it offers to its students. We hope you enjoyed the session!