What is the purpose of the English Exam?

The TOPS English essay, is designed to see how you think, how well you express yourself, perhaps even how willing you are to take a risk or two! It is an essay, but the topics are either word or photographic prompts. You will need to adapt and to think on your feet. Non-electronic dictionaries are permitted.

What is the purpose of the Science Exam?

TOPS is a science, mathematics and English focus program. While the government requires Ontario students to take only 1 senior (Grade 11 or 12) science course, TOPS requires its students to take 5 senior science credits and many of our students take 7. We want to make sure that you have an abiding interest in science. The TOPS Science test …

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What is the purpose of the Mathematics Exam?

The TOPS program is a very demanding academic program in the sciences, mathematics and English. We wish to ensure that a successful candidate is sufficiently prepared and of the ability level that would be indicative of success in the TOPS Program. Our senior TOPS mathematics courses are on par or more difficult than first university studies in calculus, algebra or …

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What is the general philosophy behind these exams?

Writing an admissions examination is a different matter than writing a test at school. Here we are attempting to measure typically a very able group of students. If many students were to get close to 100%, for example, it would produce a result that is meaningless. How would we decide which student’s 100% is more impressive? Rather, we create a …

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