I want to apply to another high school program such as MaCS, but the entrance exam is on the same day as the TOPS Exam. What should I do?

We understand that there may be time conflicts between the TOPS exam day and entrance exams for other high school programs. However, we are unable to accommodate a different exam date for students applying to other schools. Specifically, if you plan on writing both the TOPS and MaCS exams, please e-mail Steven Leder, MaCS Co-ordinator, DURING the week of November …

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Can I receive my results for the exam?

Students NEVER receive the results of their TOPS entrance examination. Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to provide individual feedback on any aspect of their application. The exam is only one part of the application and may not have been what we considered a point of weakness or strength and is used for internal purposes only.

When will I know whether I was accepted into the program?

Applicants will be notified early – late January. Applicants who were accepted into the program will receive a telephone call. Applicants who we were unable to accommodate into the program this year, will receive an email. We would kindly request all parents and applicants not to email or phone the school directly inquiring about the admission status of an applicant …

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